Kids Reaching Kids

In 2005 God inspired my wife, Chris, and I to develop a program to teach children how to be soul winners.  I already knew that kids could be used mightily of God.  Still, I wondered how well they would grasp the concept of outreach.

And wow, did they ever show me they can do it!  We started some outreach training and within a few months the children of Faith Tabernacle in Conyers, GA won over ten souls to God!  You can check out some of them on our videos page.

As God helped us develop twebassets/kids-pray03.jpghe program we learned that some things were unique to children when it comes to outreach, but God led us and blessed the program all the way.

Through super-easy methods such as loving and serving others, praying with friends, and teaching our one-of-a-kind Kids Reaching Kids Home Bible Study, children all across America are learning how to change their world for Jesus!webassets/kids-pray01.jpgIt's easy to get children involved and excited about outreach, and every Holy Ghost filled child in the world should become a soul winner before they grow up.

I'll never forget the look on 11-year-old Shelby's face when she won her friend Caitlin to the Lord.  She will never be the same.  Winning souls ties us to the Church like nothing else can.  You see, outreach is not just a part of the Church, outreach is the Church!

So let's teach them the Word of God, how to pray, and how to live for God, but if we want our children to STAY IN CHURCH and be great in the Kingdom, we must teach them to reach their world.

- Shoutin' Shannon